Lawn & Landscaping Tips

Manicured landscaping and a perfect lawn really make a home stand out. Not only is the landscaping important for curb appeal, it adds value to your home. My goal here is to provide information to homeowners of all types. From explanations of specific plant damaging insects to disease on lawns – I will guide you through the most common landscape problems with quick identification and long-term management techniques that could save you thousands of dollars in replacements or even hiring a professional (in some cases).

Healthy Lawn? Stop Crabgrass!

Spring Lawn Care Tip! 

Crabgrass – it is every lawn enthusiast’s worst nightmare.

Spring has finally arrived and it is time to prevent this pesky weed before it invades your lawn. Want a Healthy Lawn? Stop Crabgrass! Like any other weed that can develop in your lawn (broadleaf weeds, grass-like weeds, sedges,...Read More »

Bagworm on Evergreens

We had a very mild winter and most insects and disease that affect your landscaping, usually suppressed naturally by long periods of cold, will be present this season if your plantings had issues last season. Bagworm is one insect that can be especially devastating to evergreen plantings in particular. Inspect...Read More »