Short Sale May Help Avoid Foreclosure

Heading towards foreclosure? Short Sale may be the solution!

Frustrations fixed with Mark Grimes RealtorAvoid foreclosure if you can.. Financial hardship hits more American households far more often than most imagine. Death, divorce or loss of primary income can contribute to missed mortgage payments. Ultimately the circumstances surrounding a tough financial situation can lead to the lender foreclosing on the borrower’s home. Years of paying on time now become days leading up to losing a home.

The problem is that many homeowners that are in a legitimate financial hardship simply don’t know their options. Ignoring the problem isn’t going to make it go away. On the contrary, it will only get worse and the result will be far worse if the homeowner only knew that there may have been a way out. Does this sound like a situation you are currently facing?

As a trained certified Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource (SFR), I have the expertise and tools to assist homeowners during these difficult times. A Short Sale may be an option that will help satisfy some (in some cases most or all) of the debt, but often enough homeowners simply don’t know where to begin. Once the letters start coming in [from the bank and the attorneys] where do you turn? Most real estate agents aren’t even prepared to deal with this situation nor do they know how to navigate a successful Short Sale.

If you are in a situation and can’t (or haven’t been able to) make the mortgage payments, help may be only a phone call away to avoid foreclosure. Please Contact me today to see what your options are. As a compassionate real estate professional, I understand how difficult it may be, but please call before it’s too late – 732-930-4290.

If your home has been foreclosed do you know that you can potentially purchase a home again? Reach out and let’s review your situation.


Mark Grimes

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