Protect Yourself and Your Medications

Open HouseWhen a home is for sale, holding an open house is an important part of the process. Open houses offer potential buyers the opportunity to check out homes for sale on their own without feeling pressured. Buyers have nearly full roam of your home to envision their own family living there. However, a real estate agent who has the best interests of their client in mind will give you (as a seller) a set of tips or instructions to safeguard your valuables and especially your medications.

Opiate abuse, particularly prescription painkillers as many are aware is at epidemic proportions. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, but I am not going to talk about that in detail here. Unfortunately there are bad actors that will visit open houses with ill intentions that include scouting out your valuables and more so today, your prescription drugs. Recently, it has become more commonplace that opiate abusers are visiting open houses to attempt to steal painkillers like Vicodin and others.

When I explain how an open house will operate to a client, part of the conversation includes what items should be locked up and hidden out of view, or even a step further by removing the items from the home during the open house. This will keep your mind at ease and those with bad intentions from acting on them.

Below is a document released by the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey which highlights what is going on during open houses and what you can do with unneeded prescription drugs. The State of NJ Division of Consumer Affairs has created “Project Medicine Drop” where you can safely discard medications that you no longer need. If you are expecting to have an open house in your home soon, be sure to check with your agent for what you can do to avoid potential problems. However if they are unable to provide solid information and guidance, feel free to Contact me and I would be happy to help you to safeguard your possessions with tips.

Project Medicine Drop – Download this free informational PDF